Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Losing You and It's Effortless

I have a busy week, studying, birthday, and friends. Not much inspiration this week, I don't know why. I liked another part of Captivating, Stasi and John are describing how the devil has it our for women. We have everything he cannot, beauty and compassion. This paragraph really helped me out. I hate the times in your life when you feel like nothing is going your way, and everything seems to be going wrong. The frustration and the emptiness feel as though they are taking over your heart. This is what they think...

The Evil One had a hand in all that has happened to you. If he didn't arrange for the assault directly-and certainly human sin has a large enough role to play-then he made sure he drove the message of the wounds home into your heart. He is the one who has dogged your heels with shame and self-doubt and accusation. He is the one who offers the false comforters to you in order to deepen your bondage. He is the one who has done these things in order to prevent your restoration. For that is what he fears. He fears who you are; what your are; what you might become. He fears your beauty and your life-giving heart.

I become lost in everyday hustle and bustle and lose sight of everyday faith. I become frustrated with life and view that mistakes are made solely because me or someone did something wrong. Have faith and hope in the lord, for there is a reason for everything.

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