Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something Precious in Us is Lost

I am reading "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge for a bible study. I read the book in the fifth grade but I don't think I fully appreciated the text until now, when I have lived and experienced more. In the third chapter Stasi discusses the beauty a women possesses that she needs to unveil...
"We did not say that a women is prized for her good looks. We did not say a women is here merely to complete a man, and therefore a single woman is somehow missing her destiny. What we said was, first, that Eve is the crown of creation. There is something uniquely magnificent and powerful about a woman. We tried to reveal the immeasurable dignity, the holiness of your feminine heart by showing that it is God who longs for romance; it is God who longs to be our ezer; it is God who reveals beauty as essential to life. You are the image bearer of this God. That is why you long for those things too. There is a radiance hidden in your heart that the world desperately needs." pg 42

I suppose this text really stuck out to because I am surrounded by women in Laurel everyday, they spend hours on end making themselves beautiful. These women are the crown of creation and are radiant beyond imagination. College drains a women of her unveiled beauty, lets change that and reveal our feminine beauty God created us for.

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